Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Holidays from Fur Shui. Been on a bit of a "holiday" from travel as of late. The colors red and green are very popular for the holiday season. With Feng Shui, the color red is for fame and reputation and has the quality of increased "energy". It is a "re-charging" color for fur folks and non furry folks. Red helps us with a bit of extra energy we all need during the, don the home with red and wear it as well during this short day, long night time. Green is for the family life space and the holidays are filled with green for sure. Trees, decorations, wreaths, garnishes, cookie sprinkles too! Put a green kerchief on your fur folk and see the family bonds get tighter. Warm wishes for you and your family this wonderful and cheery holiday time...and many thanks for your gifts of love, loyalty, and friendship this past year!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fur Shui went to Andy and Melissa's wedding in Escondido, CA! It has been a very "Western" theme as of late for Fur Shui and its travels. This month the book went with Lucinda to a wedding where the accent was definitely the old West with the bride and groom decked out in wild wild West costumes and Lucinda came as a native American. Lots of black was evident in the old time vests, suits and dresses, very is the color of life path...let the wedding couple have a long and prosperous life together for sure! The father of the bride and bride find Fur Shui to be amusing as well as the book seemed at home with the gifting and food celebrations! All enjoyed the day and cheers to the bride and groom, may they have many happy years together with much abundance and joy!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fur Shui's Texas road show continues on to Blanco, TX! Blanco is a small cattle town established in the 1850's in the Texas Hill Country. Jim visited the 130 year old Blanco Courthouse and a restaurant that is more than 100 years old...reports are that the food is quite "fresh" though! Fur Shui is gobbling up many miles with Jim and is becoming quite the conversation piece with all the communities it has visited. Better charge up in the travel life space upon return home to Austin...more adventures to come!

The wild wild West tour with Jim continues for Fur Shui at the Enchanted Springs Ranch, TX. Now the book visits "Boot Hill" and the "Silver Spur Saloon". Then on to more of the modern era riding atop Steve Schmidt's 1964 out for those pointed long horns...wahooo! "Pointed" objects as well as the car's hot red color do find their home in the fame section, of which this Caddy is quite a local famous site while driving in and around Austin!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fur Shui travels to Texas! In the summer at that! Jim hit the "trail" with Fur Shui to the Hill Country 5 miles west of Boerne, TX to visit the Enchanted Springs Ranch. Their adventures included a visit with some pretty little tame dears, strolls down the complete western town (lots of Western films shot there), greetings with a very patient long horn steer (this one's name is "Big Red"...and seems to enjoy taking the book for a ride), and a meet up with the very famous "Pistol Packin Paula" (no, not me...but looks like fun!). Paula's white hat is the color of creativity and she is very well know for her "trick shots"! More adventures later!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Nancy won a copy of Fur Shui during a recent "guess where" the book is news sheet event. The book was originally passed on to Nancy during the Tour by her friend Vickie. The book got to travel along with both and all had a fun day at the Lavender Fields in Valley Center, CA. Vickie and Nancy had a good mission to pick up a gift basket made esp. for a wonderful Raffle prize for the upcoming Oct 9th charity walk for psoriasis that Vickie is chairing. Fur Shui WILL be doing the charity as well...raffle wise! A good cause and being led by some very helpful folks. Grey is the color for helpful people, so get some "silver" sent in to the walk in your name or sponsor Vickie's walk! The Lavender fields produce the beautiful color of the prosperity, let's hope the book's visit to the fields adds some prosperous energy to the fund raising. Be sure to take a look or even sponsor Vickie's walk at:

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wedding bells rang for Mary Jane's (my fun Italian travel mate) niece recently in the beautiful location of Salbris, France. Fur Shui came along with Mary Jane for the festive family occasion. The pretty bride wears white; the traditional wedding color which in Fur Shui/feng shui is the color of creativity and children. Red is the color of fame and with this comes good luck and fortune when present at weddings and celebrations. Fur Shui says good luck and prosperity comes to the wedding couple and all their family. Wealth and well being for their special union and beautiful day! Félicitations et bonne fortune! Congrats!

Travels through Italy continue for the American Fur Shui as well as its Italian speaking version. Fur
Shui perches atop a square in Cingue Terre and then travels on to Orvietto. What beautiful places it popped up in. Orvietto was grand with its small winding passages and unique shops!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Fur Shui made its way through many regions of Italy! It is enjoying fame and fun in large and small towns from Florence to Orvietto. Here are a few memorable locations in the Cinque Terre from Montorrosa to Vernazza, what fun!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Italy!!! Finally caught up with Fur Shui (Il Doa de spine next to other famous books!) in its new home in Italy. The book is doing very well and here is how it looks in "Italian". First spotted in Milan at Mondadori book store off the Duomo square. Great friend Ida who lives in Milan lead me to the book as well as gave me a great tour of Milan and good friends who love animals and nature. Bella "Fur Shui" and Ida!!! Red is the color of fame and reputation and now the book has both in Italy. Be sure to add some red to your animals collar or leash if you want to get them going energizes and animal and they love it!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fur Shui really put some miles on with Glenda from New Hampshire! The book went with a little side kick "witch" called Esmerelda all the way from NH to Bowling Green Kentucky to take part in the National Corvette "All things Corvette" convention. Fur Shui's "mom" drove her silver grey Corvette named "The Grey Ghost" down this year late April, Early May. Grey is indeed the color of Helpful People and Travel and Glenda sure did this in style with Fur Shui and Esmerelda. Grey and travel are great vibes. Glenda is the New England Chapter head for the Corvette club in her part of the country. Congrats on the trip which included stops for new colt and fillie ooooing and ahhing in horse country as well as a few enjoyable trips to Lincoln's log cabin, Red Rose distillery and the such. Thanks Glenda for taking little Fur Shui for a neat road trip! Vrrroooom, vrooooom, Fur Shui!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Greetings from Yakima, Washington! "Fur Shui" has been read by Lady and Salem. These fur folks certainly found their loving home and enjoy such great love chi from their person Peggy. Happy Valentine's day to all and these two certainly know how to bring in the "year of the Tiger" in Yakima!
Here is Peggy's "tale":
"Lady and Salem's story. A year and a half ago there lived this young black cat who lived in the alley. She hooked up with this other homeless cat and well a few months later she gave birth to six male kittens. She tried her hardest to keep them warm and fed though the weather was shifting and it was getting colder and more wet outside. Along came this human family who heard this young cries coming from the side of the garage. While inspecting the situtation there were five 4 week old kittens crying out from an old milk carton box. Soon they would find themselves have a warm bed and plenty of food to eat till they were old enough to be winged from their mum. They were most gracious though getting old to keep 7 cats was really hard to do though wanting to keep them all. Their human saviour had to find homes for them though being black cats around Halloween no one would take them for fear of some might wish harm to them. Later, five kittens would find nice
families to take them for who they were and one was kept. The mum cat tried other homes though they didn't work out. She grew on her new slave owner who decided to keep her. She is the most loving cat ever and loves petting all day though she knows she will always have a home. Lady is her name. Her boy, Salem is a smart cat. Tall and lean can touch the top of the counters though never goes up there. He likes to play fetch and do tricks. I love them and they follow me where ever I go. I wouldn't give them up for the world. Salem wants to read the book and in the other photo, Lady is sending her love along with the book."

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A big Fur Shui "hello" from Portland, Oregon! Angie, the person for Kali and Gizmo sends their regards from the Pacific Northwest. Folks are getting right into the New Year with the color red it seems. The nice gold covered couch is perfect for more health and balance for both fur and non fur folks. Gold / yellow is the color of health and balance! Here's what Angie has to say about her adventures and pets: "Kali (left), Gizmo (right), and I have been together for 14yrs. Both of them are very well traveled, including a year of seeing the USA via semi-truck. We share an apartment with our cockatiel, Moll E. and he makes all the rules. His chewing on their tails is enough to keep them under cover when he is socializing with us. Kali and Gizmo are a little camera shy but I was able to convince them to take a quick photo in one of our favorite places to relax." Thanks Angie for getting a great photo in for the Tour!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Red and Black are the colors that appeal to Blackjack the cat on the Tour de Fur. Blackjack is from Laguna Beach and is needing a little bit of extra energy now, so red is good for a "boost" and also add a yellow bed, ribbon or blanket to his space. His health is now needing attention and yellow is the color of health and balance and can be of comfort to Blackjack now. Cindy tells about Blackjack: "This is Blackjack (15) who unfortunately has cancer and hasn't started treatment yet! We are struggling with him being sick as his big "brother" Lucky (a 90 lb. pound puppy) passed a little over a year ago after 14 years together. Thanks for letting Blackjack be a part of your journey and good luck with your endeavors." I send Cindy, Blackjack and some pink energy from the love gua to now help out with his health issues.

Happy New Year! Enzo here from Portland, Oregon! Here's what his person Dena tells me: "Enzo enjoys cuddling up while reading a new book and on Sunday I found him reading his very own copy (or so he though) of Fur Shui." He is curled up on a nice RED is the color of the Fame life area. Animals tend to "re-charge" with red...Enzo is helping Dena make this a very "famous" new year!