Friday, August 27, 2010

Nancy won a copy of Fur Shui during a recent "guess where" the book is news sheet event. The book was originally passed on to Nancy during the Tour by her friend Vickie. The book got to travel along with both and all had a fun day at the Lavender Fields in Valley Center, CA. Vickie and Nancy had a good mission to pick up a gift basket made esp. for a wonderful Raffle prize for the upcoming Oct 9th charity walk for psoriasis that Vickie is chairing. Fur Shui WILL be doing the charity as well...raffle wise! A good cause and being led by some very helpful folks. Grey is the color for helpful people, so get some "silver" sent in to the walk in your name or sponsor Vickie's walk! The Lavender fields produce the beautiful color of the prosperity, let's hope the book's visit to the fields adds some prosperous energy to the fund raising. Be sure to take a look or even sponsor Vickie's walk at:

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