Friday, April 20, 2012

Ready, set, aim...FIRE! Fur Shui is still touring Austin Texas. Now alongside a powerful black canon that guards the state house doors. When it comes to career, black is the color and can be pretty powerful indeed. This canon is at the entrance doors so it is acting as a "protector" to the life path and entrance of Texas so to speak! Fame is the color of red which is all about the book...and some pretty powerful canon shots have begun by lighting the fuse, creating fire for what gives force...maybe we all can use a bit of "ignition" to put our various talents and powers to good use. Check out the book's career and fame section pages! AND, be powerful protectors of doing the "correct thing"!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Fur Shui is still in Austin TX! Touring the capital and seeing the sights. Seen outside "approaching" the Capital building and rubbing elbows with two very famous Texas figures...beautiful marble statues of both Davey Crocket (guy with hand up to his chin), and Sam Houston (guy with scroll!). Stone is a very grounding Earth element that belongs to the middle gua (life space) of the bagua...the Health and Balance life space. Honoring health and well being are essential to one's life...the center of everything we do! Both these statesmen were active vital beings, using their good health and fortune to help others and establish Texas. You can add a healthy walk through famous places to encourage your own health and get a history lesson while you are at it...visit the capital in Austin, Texas!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Helllllllooooo Austin! Fur Shui has come to visit the capital! What fun. Fame and political reputation depend on the good marriage of "red" and "green". Green being for family and community, red for reputation and fame. Maybe we all could work on the "reputation" thing when it comes to politics?!
Here's Fur Shui framed in the rotunda below the capital dome...framing the city view from the iron gates...and then FAME itself...inside a Texas Star. The Star is the ultimate "pointy" object one can place in the fame gua or life section to tempt the chi to be strong and flowing for you and your fur folks. Salute to Austin...fame and fortune for all who use Fur Shui in and out of their environment!