Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Los Angeles Museum of Art has a wonderful art walkway under a "floating" stone on it's North side grounds. The feeling of "floating" mass is suggested by this modern installation. The entire area is dressed with crushed stone as well as straight line paved surfaces. There is a feeling of strong balance in this spot. For the environment according to Feng Shui this would represent the positive creation of strong health...stone being the element of the "center" gua of Health and balance. Fur Shui is smart to pause and absorb a bit of that massive energy of strength at this art space!

Ojai, CA is a favorite spot for Fur Shui. There is a connection to positive energy in this little mountain valley that folks from miles around come to for rest, creativity, renewal. Fur Shui finds a home on a side street sitting stone. Earth / stone is the element for health and balance. Be sure to ground yourself with a solid foundation before making change...or for just getting back to balance in your everyday life. Go to the center of your home...that is where the health gua lives and place a lovely strong "stone" of sorts or representation of mother Earth in this spot and you will find (with your intent for balance and good health) a new solid and relaxing feel to your environment.

Out in nature at the IRC, Ca...this time leading a group of painters into Baker Canyon. Nature is the book's natural setting with it's balance of greenery and in this case hot fiery sun! The color black is the color of the entry way...the "gate" to your life path, career, home. Be sure to drink lots of water as  you hike out into the wilderness. Water is the element of the career gua, let it flow into all aspects of your life to nourish, cleanse and refresh!!