Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A big Fur Shui "hello" from Portland, Oregon! Angie, the person for Kali and Gizmo sends their regards from the Pacific Northwest. Folks are getting right into the New Year with the color red it seems. The nice gold covered couch is perfect for more health and balance for both fur and non fur folks. Gold / yellow is the color of health and balance! Here's what Angie has to say about her adventures and pets: "Kali (left), Gizmo (right), and I have been together for 14yrs. Both of them are very well traveled, including a year of seeing the USA via semi-truck. We share an apartment with our cockatiel, Moll E. and he makes all the rules. His chewing on their tails is enough to keep them under cover when he is socializing with us. Kali and Gizmo are a little camera shy but I was able to convince them to take a quick photo in one of our favorite places to relax." Thanks Angie for getting a great photo in for the Tour!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Red and Black are the colors that appeal to Blackjack the cat on the Tour de Fur. Blackjack is from Laguna Beach and is needing a little bit of extra energy now, so red is good for a "boost" and also add a yellow bed, ribbon or blanket to his space. His health is now needing attention and yellow is the color of health and balance and can be of comfort to Blackjack now. Cindy tells about Blackjack: "This is Blackjack (15) who unfortunately has cancer and hasn't started treatment yet! We are struggling with him being sick as his big "brother" Lucky (a 90 lb. pound puppy) passed a little over a year ago after 14 years together. Thanks for letting Blackjack be a part of your journey and good luck with your endeavors." I send Cindy, Blackjack and some pink energy from the love gua to now help out with his health issues.

Happy New Year! Enzo here from Portland, Oregon! Here's what his person Dena tells me: "Enzo enjoys cuddling up while reading a new book and on Sunday I found him reading his very own copy (or so he though) of Fur Shui." He is curled up on a nice RED throw...red is the color of the Fame life area. Animals tend to "re-charge" with red...Enzo is helping Dena make this a very "famous" new year!