Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Los Angeles Museum of Art has a wonderful art walkway under a "floating" stone on it's North side grounds. The feeling of "floating" mass is suggested by this modern installation. The entire area is dressed with crushed stone as well as straight line paved surfaces. There is a feeling of strong balance in this spot. For the environment according to Feng Shui this would represent the positive creation of strong health...stone being the element of the "center" gua of Health and balance. Fur Shui is smart to pause and absorb a bit of that massive energy of strength at this art space!

Ojai, CA is a favorite spot for Fur Shui. There is a connection to positive energy in this little mountain valley that folks from miles around come to for rest, creativity, renewal. Fur Shui finds a home on a side street sitting stone. Earth / stone is the element for health and balance. Be sure to ground yourself with a solid foundation before making change...or for just getting back to balance in your everyday life. Go to the center of your home...that is where the health gua lives and place a lovely strong "stone" of sorts or representation of mother Earth in this spot and you will find (with your intent for balance and good health) a new solid and relaxing feel to your environment.

Out in nature at the IRC, Ca...this time leading a group of painters into Baker Canyon. Nature is the book's natural setting with it's balance of greenery and in this case hot fiery sun! The color black is the color of the entry way...the "gate" to your life path, career, home. Be sure to drink lots of water as  you hike out into the wilderness. Water is the element of the career gua, let it flow into all aspects of your life to nourish, cleanse and refresh!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Fur Shui in Finland! In total admiration of the sea that frames most of Finland, I found lovely places and people greeting me to the country. Love the life of honoring both sea and land...the love and respect of nature the Finnish people maintain. My being very close to the element of "water", this was a special time for me to flow with bringing new knowledge to the attendees of the "Fur Shui" workshop I gave in Loviisa, Finland. Villa Karma of Finland was a wonderful host who filled my space and life with the warm pink of her friendship and aloha!

Loviisa, Finland! Here I am teaching "Fur Shui" to a class sponsored by Villa Karma, Finland. Finding all the wonderful life spaces in home and environment was fun and more than helpful in guiding new energy into each person's home. Fur Shui easily shows how to unlock beneficial energy already in our homes that support our success, health, work, creativity, wealth, well-being. Our class members found new and refreshing ways to change their lives and environments. Deep thanks to Piia and Villa Karma for the opportunity to bring Fur Shui to Finland!
Remember Kerrtu the cat? The wonderful black cat who was reading Fur Shui whose house is in Finland? Here is Kerrtu's Loviisa, Finland with Fur Shui! Piia who runs Villa Karma invited me to Finland to teach Feng Shui, Animal communications, and speak on Huna in Helsinki this past fall. We had a wonderful "Fur Shui" workshop in Loviisa all hosted beautifully by Villa Karma! Thanks Piia for helping spread the word and learning of Feng Shui and communicating with nature...was magical!

A special event of "Blessings of the Animals" at Agape in Los Angeles brought introductions to lots of new fur folk friends for Fur Shui! All that attended this charity event left with "aloha" and love blessings. What a fun event! This new friend was wearing a green collar that supported the day to make new friends and enjoy community. Green is the color to use when introducing new family, community. This strong community of love and peace certainly boosted the energy of my day as well as many others. Thanks Agape for your "aloha" to all!

It is true, Fur Shui loves to hang around in nature. So do I! A recent visit to the Irvine Ranch Conservancy found us going on a "Trip to Nowhere" in Limestone Canyon...being a trail guide for others to discover more remote and beautiful scenes. Lots of folks who do photography as a career come on these journeys. The color of career seems to be reflected in their gear being all done up in black. Perfect for boosting their results and life path in a creative manner. Use some black color and jazz up your entrance way with some "motion" or items that move or flow and get those career vibes activated. At home with moving throughout the countryside with cameras and equipment with the color black...these photographers are natural feng shui masters for their own career benefit!

Fur Shui found itself at home at the Descanso Gardens, La Canada Flintridge, CA. So many beautiful paths to meander down and enjoy nature. From mature tree groves to flowering bowers and soothing ponds to rest beside. Mother nature, earth, at its best! Earth is the element of the Health gua in Black Hat Feng Shui. Put some items created from earth as well as earth tones in the center of your spaces...that is the location of the health gua. This will help you realize, feel, and create healthy balance and well being. It is there right in the center of your home!

"WHO" is visiting Fur Shui? This is a very wise owl! Fur Shui visited a nature class; "Painting Birds at the IRC" for kids of all ages. From barn owls to beautiful Acorn Woodpeckers...folks had an opportunity to "do art" from the Irvine Ranch Conservancy bird mounts. The owl's white face and breast reflect the Creative Life Style gua or life space that holds the energy for creativity and children. Go to this section of your home to amp up that delightful quality of childlike imagination, creativity and fun for all ages. Let your creativity come forth bay a little addition of the color white and the element of metal to forge those new imaginative discoveries. Let your imagination soar with a little Feng Shui!

Ojai, CA is a favorite spot for Fur Shui (and me). This is a small town filled with nature nestled up against the mountain foothills just inland from Ventura, CA. With the town's green valley comes a welcome place to rest, feel at home with family, and do some day trip "healing". Green is the color of family and community...and is represented by "wood" as its element. Put an item made of wood (rectangle shapes are good!) in this "family" life-space, or gua, in your home. This area is great to introduce new fur folk family members to existing family folks. Family photos, greenery (wood), and of course the color green can get the energy flowing for your community, family...fur or non fur...right now!!!

Fur Shui loves Maui! The red poinsettia's at the Kula Lodge is the perfect reflection of both book and location "fame". Kula Lodge is a favorite spot to re-charge, meet, view the beautiful valleys below the mountainside in its outside cliff-side dining. Famous for its "fire" oven pizza and special meals...all along the banks of Maui's volcano hillside. Get some fire going for your own brand of fame...add some red!

Last year was a whirlwind of "Fur Shui" activity...and am now catching up on the travels, people, spaces, places! Kerrtu is a wise cat from Finland found my book quite interesting. She loved the career section...the color of black. She is helping her person launch her lovely "Villa Karma" in Finland. Piia, her person teaches feng shui, and invited Fur Shui to Finland to give a workshop in Loviisa and talk in Helsinki! More later!

Had a marvelous and fast paced you see, "three" friends helped launch the year of the Horse for me. As the Chinese Year of the Horse gallops to the horizon...we welcome the New Year of the Sheep. Make some simple changes to create success and well-being for this new year! The simple sweeping out the old (literally and "thinking") and invite new thoughts and items into your spaces now. Place some "red" or fire into the center area of your home or office. Hey, maybe put a new copy of "Fur Shui" in that center to both read fire up your health and warm, make comfort your priority this new year!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fur Shui locates some pretty "hot" red classic cars in Encinitas during the long hot summer and the classic car evenings staged down "South". Jim and Ernie enjoy some of the famous classics with the book. Lots of great "fire" energy during these shows and the book loves the fame vibe too! "Fire" energy comes from both the color red and the classic cars long standing fame for good times, good values, good craftsmanship. All qualities build your go "red" and go "pono" as they would say in "true", be honest, be your own unique noble and good self! (The cars sure are!)

It's really all about "balance" for Fur Shui. Another good "energy" / hiking spot inside the Irvine Ranch Conservancy is at Portola, entrance to Round Canyon and big shade from Oak trees and tall brush. Why not get out into nature and find some space to think, "be" in harmony and absorb its unconditional positive energies. The square sign is the shape of the Health gua...and packing a good book to read out into nature certainly will do you some good. Think of the energy of Health, balance and well being as you find some quiet space in the outdoors. Fur Shui "talks" with the nature devas and finds all the quiet healthy "de-stressing" spots!

Enjoy a day outside, talk with the plants, trees, and of course Fur Shui is a part of the landscape in Limestone Canyon on an Irvine Ranch Sketch and Connect program! Energy in nature know EXACTLY what to do and when to do we can take away this knowledge and flow with the natural energy in our homes and lives. The book "rests" on a fallen tree trunk...wood being the element of the community and family gua. Put some natural "wood" in this space in your home and feel the strength of your community and family "tree". Give energy to community (volunteer me...go hug a tree with sincere appreciation!) and be a part of a strong foundation of caring and support.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Down at the LA Mart checking out Trends...Fur Shui and Judy (designer / illustrator "wonder") and I are finding out what is the new happening designs for folks to enjoy. White is the color of the Creativity gua or lifespace in the bagua map of energies in your home. Creativity also includes amp up the section with all sorts of play toys for your fur folks to enjoy. Keep toys handy in a box or container for them in this section! Soft white beds and fluffy white throw pillows will comfort your fur kids in this area. In the meantime, you can also amp up your creative juices by playing with your naturally curious fur folks in this region. Get into what is "trending", have some fun, find your creativity and joy in life!

Fur Shui recently visited Austin, Texas. Was a wild and crazy time with folks like Jim and the Lonesome Doves. All loved its bright red color which stands for fame. What type of fame did the Wild Wild West call for? Courage, co-operation, building a great foundation for newcomers. It's "rules" for getting along created some pretty famous folks like Sam Houston who was a key figure in the history of Texas. Wear red and activate some FAME! Great for fur folk's collar color when you want to spark their energy and activity. The Fame section of the Bagua has the element of "Fire up" your fur folks and go for a new active adventure!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Back in LA...and Fur Shui now is in a LARGER size and paperback format. Visited Aum & Garden and enjoyed their Energy Expo! The book's red matches the vivid enthusiasm that Stanford (to my right) has for what she is doing for the folks at the Expo. Lots of "fame" energy to all who attended!!!


Friday, March 1, 2013

Saying farewell to Maui and Napili Bay, with a flurry of clouds and some rain showers visible over on the island of Molokai. Fur Shui is re-charged to come home and be published in a larger fun format for its 2nd edition! Success and good vibes from Maui, the island of "heart"...just like the unconditional love our pets give us everday. Aloha and Mahalo from Fur Shui to all who explore the magical energies of nature.

Great lunch at Kula Lodge in Maui. Under the red shade umbrellas you can see out to the ocean for miles and miles. The "fire" element just above Kula is the Volcano, so the red umbrellas are appropriate for the fire influence, bringing fame to the name of Kula lodge. A great example of going along with the natural energies of one's environment. Just like fur folks, who naturally use what nature already has in place for us FREE of charge to bring balance and harmony to our lives. The book seems right at home snuggled in the gardens of ginger and lava and "fire"!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

At the base of Haleakala rests the Kula Lodge. Time to balance out...get healthy, enjoy good food in a beautiful hillside garden setting. The opposite element to the book's "fame" element of fire is water...which meanders down the garden and lunch spots. Go with the flow with water to recharge for all those career and life path choices one has to make upon return from vacation. The book found some cheerful bright red poinsettias to snuggle into for "red" company. A good balance of "water and fire" at the Kula Lodge with its brick oven pizza offerings and cool ice tea drinks!

Aloha from Maui! Time to re-charge, relax, and smell the orchids. Red is the color of energy...and Fur Shui was written here in Maui, good energy! Now, visiting just before its 2nd edition is released.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The book recently found itself on a foggy hike in Palos Verdes, CA. The Pacific Ocean is out there somewhere. Get your environment in order for the new year...don't remain in the "fog", get things cleared up, cleaned out and in order all set for the upcoming Chinese New Year of the Snake in February! Chi does not like clutter...ready set, get organized.

And now for a bit of "Hollywood" in Culver City Ca. at Sony studios. Fur Shui took a tour and found the land of "OZ" rainbow to enjoy as well as rubbed shoulders with Jeopardy host Alex Trebek...fame and fortune is the winning double jeopardy for your home's feng shui. All the "stars" feel very at home in the Fame life space with the color red and the number "1" being powerful energy movers for all who place them in this gua. The official car for "Ghostbusters" was also a favored site by Fur Shui. Feng Shui your auto with the passenger seat behind the driver being "helpful people". And of course, follow the "yellow brick road" to good health and balance! Oh my.

Fur Shui is really at home on the trails of "Tree People" along with a lot of responsible pet owners who walk the organization's trails in Los Angeles' Coldwater Canyon daily. Green is the color for family and community, this is a great reason to plant a tree so community can have shade, beauty and fresh air! Go Green, plant a tree and enjoy the good vibes of nature.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One must nourish themselves with great food, even while on vacation. Great fresh food is a must for both you and your pet. Think of the color gold or yellow as you scan menus for great healthy foods. For animals, feed them from a yellow bowl if possible and put the intent of great health in their is the color of health and balance in Feng Shui! Fur Shui sure knows how to enjoy a great venue and menu...this one is in South Beach, Miami. (And, it likes to be seen in all the best places too.)

Fur Shui vacationed in Miami this past summer and finally received the photos! Relaxing in Bal Harbor, Miami. The Water element this year of the Water Dragon seems to "call" the book. Water is the element of career and life path, flowing into new places, finding movement all around, cleansing and supporting the ebb and flow of one's life and career path. Fur Shui is now undergoing its own flowing changes, looking forward to being reprinted to another format early this next year of 2013! Enjoy being by the water when you can to be refreshed, rejuvenated, and reminded that one's life path, career, direction changes and moves in a fluid manner. AND, keep a good fresh supply of water in a deep bowl at the front door or entrance to your home to refresh your fur folk so they can also support you (and themselves!) with all the changes that come along or you need in your life path!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Meeting "celebrities" in Los Angeles at Sony Studio. Was a great day and met with those who use Skills and Knowledge to gain Fame. Be sure to bring some "red" with you for both luck and recognition of fame when you try out for your 15 minutes of fame!

Fur Shui was at Sony Studios...formerly MGM. Traveled under the new Rainbow sculpture, did not see any Munchkins or Wizard though. But did meet up with game show celebrities and enjoyed the day mingling with stages, props, and movie history. For all of you that make it to Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune, brush up on your "Skills and Knowledge". Wear some blue when you stretch your mind. And, for your fur folks be sure to train them in this life space, great location to learn and be rewarded! Be sure to follow your "rainbow"!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A new member of Lauren's fur family is a sweet fluff ball named Snowball. This little one is very smart and very clever when finding play things around the house. Most fun for Snowball is to pounce on the other cats as they come through the cat door. Not so fun for the more "Sr." kitties. A good thing to do is to add a green bowl or food dish to the feeding area when a new one comes into a home. Green is the color of family and is a great color to use as all get used to new family members! This little one made one of the original fur family members "green" with envy. Watch that you give your more established fur folks lots of extra attention as new ones come in. All is well now...of course since Snowball has read Fur Shui cover to cover! Cuddling next to Snowball is CG, Snow's new bff!

Fur Shui was honored by the production crew of the Discovery Show's "I cloned my pet" series recently. The energies of Kabuki, a passed on love of Myra were being connected up to find if it would be "yes" or "no" to clone. Always ask "permission" before you do any feng shui with your environment or your animal. It is the correct thing to do so your intent on your healing or asking for help will be made so much more clear to the "chi" that you interact with. Learn to feel your environment and you will know what to do EXACTLY! Move that chi, and move it with positive intent and consideration.

Fur Shui found itself visiting Ojai, CA again, can't get enough of that quaint valley and great vibe of Ojai! Traveling via car, bike and then resting at a spa, Fur Shui was part of the street scene. Ojai's main street has a clock tower with beautiful bells striking the hours out. Bells in Feng Shui and Fur Shui bring in or "announce" good fortune, wealth and prosperity. Get a bell and put it on your pet's collar to announce it to others (birds for one with your kitty!), as well as attract some great energy to whatever you may need to bring into your life. Simply place the INTENT of what you want into the bell, bless both you and your fur folk and watch what you both attract. For great health, add a "gold" bell to a collar or leash!

Still hiking SoCal...this time closer to home at Palos Verde just South of LA and North of the LA harbor at Long Beach. Beautiful views, migrating whales pass by this stretch of the coast and the light house shines to all at the rocky outcrop warning all about "land ho"! Water everywhere. This is the element of the career life space and it flows from rivers and creeks all the way down to the Pacific Ocean. Our body make up is almost all, be sure to hydrate often while hiking, get into the flow of who you are and enjoy all the natural beauty that is around you! Fur Shui loves helping out both fur and non fur folks with their life path flow and "jobs". Just place a sturdy water dish for your pooch or kitty by the front door so they can also re-hydrate and bring that career chi into your home for you to use and enjoy!

Sketching in nature is a favorite thing of mine to do! While teaching a connect to nature class at the Irvine Nature Conservancy recently we visited Limestone Canyon to see what we could draw and observe. Fun day for Fur Shui to "take the day off" and visit some green and golden hills in Santiago Canyon area outside of Irvine, CA. The greens were turning to gold, good for the health, yellow and gold being the color of the health gua.

Still hiking! Fur Shui discovered Eagle Rock up in Topanga Canyon this summer. Lots of interesting forms and valleys to view. Earth is the element of health life space. There are some pretty impressive boulders to explore and see at the end of this hike. Stones can make up some pretty strong energy pathways for Feng Shui. So when you see some stones that look like turtles...connect them to each other and you can find healing and protection energy for you and your fur friends. This is the "Form School" of Feng Shui that reflects patterns and chi in nature!

Fur Shui has been out and about hiking in LA! The Los Angeles Forest is re-cooping from the massive forest fires of 2007. The view atop Mt. Vetter in the Angeles Forest is breath taking. Wonderful day, new growth and hope for the damages made to the lovely hiking paths in and around the area. Too much "fire" energy can and is destructive. If you or your animal has energy that is way over the top, just tooooo much, calm it down a bit with the energy of "water" with some black accessories; leash, collar, food and water dish. Let the flowing qualities of water help with the abrupt forceful energies of fire!