Monday, December 14, 2009

It's the holidays and Fur Shui is on a bit of a "vacation"! It was seen recently during a cold and stormy day in Ojai, CA. The color for the travel gua is gray, so the gray skies were more than welcome for all of SoCal in the want for rain. Ojai is a quaint village just inland of the ocean and full of artists and beauty.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween was fun at Bull Taco with friends from the Y walk group! Kathy's tour book sure knows about great food, company, surf and weather in Cardiff by the Sea, CA. Chips, laughter and Fur Shui!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hello from Oregon from Misha, Sharon's fur folk! This is what Sharon had to say about Fur Shui: "My dog Misha, a corgi/daschund mix, and I live in Portland Oregon. It is the end of October and the weather is cooling down. Misha is parked before the fireplace in anticipation of a warm hearth to snuggle up with a good book. Nothing like strong supporative fire chi to complement Misha's Fur Shui fame sector!" Both Misha and Sharon know the power of the Fire Gua. Thanks for being part of the Tour!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Wild Wild West Tour de Fur continues with Rainy's visit to the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs So Dakota. The West was certainly inhabited by some pretty HUGE fur folks way back when...just look at how small Fur Shui looks in with the hip bones of these critters! A neat actual dig and Rainy says: " The pics were taken in a replica mammoth bone structure. This is an active dig site. SO AWESOME." Go to: for a look!

Fur Shui and Rainy "get down" into the earth and go into the beautiful Mt. Rushmore Caves...her tour leader showed some rare stalagmites and formations to all. Read what Rainy had to say: "These pics are in the Mount Rushmore Cave. Frank our guide thought that it was great that Fur Shui was on vacation. He even went off the normal tour path so that Fur Shui could be photographed near some of the stalagmites and the longest column in any cave of So. Dakota. There is a pic with an arm holding the book near a very RARE cave coral formation. Very interesting cave and we were lucky that Frank wanted Fur Shui to have some great photos." Go to: for info on caves!

Rainy recently had a wonderful trip throughout some neat locations in the West, all around South Dakota and interesting spots in the wide open spaces of the West. Many thanks for taking Fur Shui along with you on your tour of fascinating places of discovery! The Tour de Fur wnet into caves under Mt. Rushmore, on archeological dig sites and into old ghost towns. I learned a lot from these travels and was amazed at the locations the book was seen...going into cave locations where tours rarely are is the color of energy and activity, and the fame qua's element is fire...and there was a lot of energy and firey exploration on this trip!!! Have fun looking at where Rainy traveled with the book as well as her tips for website connections. Here's a shot of the ghost town museum with Fur Shui riding "shot gun"!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Start spreading the news, NYC! Fur Shui is out and about in the big apple after being checked out by Elaine's two fur folks. Hmmmm, looks like the kitties are a perfect match for the book! Just wondering if the two cats are the one's out on the town with the book or is it just their person? Having fun with Fur Shui!

Lisa's two fur folks Katie (black) and Mojo certainly get their "mojo" going with Fur Shui! Looks like Katie wants to help out with the career life space...right at the front door where black is the color to amp up your and their life paths and jobs. Maybe their main job is greeting and guarding their person? What a team!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Linda's beagle Munchkin is certainly a fan of Fur Shui! Looks like Munchkin is enjoying the Family and Community gua...the element here is wood and the color is green (comfy carpet!), and I know that this fur folk must come from a loving family. Here's what Linda had to say about the Tour: "I thought your book was very interesting and the concept of passing it along is ingenious. Thanks for the opportunity of letting me be a part of this wonderful idea of yours." Thanks Linda and Munchkin for being part of the tour!!!

Anthony and David with Lucy (the blonde) and Lola (spotted) send greetings from NYC from their recent road trip from Deleware! It is lovely to be snuggled into a nice white couch...the color of children and creativity. For all the traveling, try a silver collar or leash or a nice warm and comfy gray tone travel crate or blanket. A big hello to the Big Apple from all!

Karie's pretty black cat "Boo" is snuggling into Fur Shui with great pleasure. She sits and reads for hours (like her person!) at the window in deep bliss and reading quiet. Looks like her favorite gua is is the color for this life section. Boo is a classic black Halloween cat, so her natural color amps up Karie's career gua no matter where Boo travels. Thanks Boo for making my book "famous" in your home.

Last day for Polo in Del Mar, CA this past Sunday...great match! Look at all the polo ponies admiring Dennis and Fur Shui...His blue helmet and gloves will help with the learning of the game; blue being the color for "skills"! By next year Dennis will be enjoying playing the kingly sport of polo with greater skill and help from all his helpful fur folks.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gloria's group of kitties in South Carolina are all soaking up some Fur Shui reading by kicking back and relaxing in bed...or rather Gloria's bed! Our fur folks just seem to take over all the comfy spots. By the looks of it they are contemplating their fame gua. The fame gua holds the element of fire and that is what our animals also hold, fire energy that gets things done...also a great place for fur folks to "re-charge"! Thanks to Willie Girl (left to right), Sam and Nermal for taking a look at the book. And that's Sam who is contemplating turning the page...any minute now!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

And, a big "hello" from my home town Encinitas which is host to the National Woody show. Wonderful old "surf's up" autos. Lots of red "fired up" cars, lots of fun, lots of great Hawaiian music and joy...Fur Shui goes retro auto!

Hello from Barbara and the gang of two! Both loveable fur friends are chomping at the bit to get out and play...go straight to the children qua and cut loose. Barbara is looking for an agreement between her kitties and dogs...give them some "rules" in the family gua and also amp up all their relationship energy with some nice pink around their collars. Use Fur Shui along with some flower essence treatment for better family balance!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hello to Ninja in Oceanside, CA! He is a 4 and a half year old shepherd mix, master of all things mystical and physical. His name reflects his wisdom and balance. Nancy says this: "...He is very smart and is my walking buddy. He has very good Fur Shui!" And, yes he does...well grounded on the brown earth colored couch which reflects "earth", the element of the health gua. Wise to rest and read words of balance and joy with Fur Shui... so says Ninja.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sophie and Cider are pals when it comes to the children/creativity gua! 4 year old Cider entertains and is entertained by Sophie who is 5 years! They have to learn how to gently play and amuse a brand new member of the family... the latest addition, 8 month child of Molly and Gregg in Pine Plains, NY. Happy time for all, share and keep that white soft blankee in the creativity area for sure!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Heads up in Maine with Camilla and her fur and feather friends! Green is the color of family and these really have it peaceful in their beautiful "kingdom" surrounded by all the green of nature. Here's what Camilla has to say about her "Fur Shui" experience:
"Fur Shui, got to experience a summer (or a good part of a summer) in Maine. We are located on the east side of Penobscot Bay, with beautiful water and woods. “We” includes my husband, Bob; our yellow-naped Amazon parrot Jeremiah; our two six month old German Shepherd rescue puppies (Rascal and Rogue); and our four (three previously feral, one previously abandoned) cats (Katie, Bruno, Allie, and Mishka). Lots of fur (and feathers) around here.
Your book is a testimony to the importance of animals in their own right and to our sense of well-being. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the tour."

Dennis is busy with Polo skills and knowledge with learning the sport. Thanks for taking "Fur Shui" with you for a ride around the field! Note the blue helmet, gloves, t-shirt and jeans which is the color of Skills and Knowledge...happy trails in Del Mar, CA!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Barb has just returned from a whirlwind cross country trip with "Fur Shui" as her side kick! Below is her note to me and I thank her for taking the book cross country!

"Hi Paula,
Fur Shui has just returned from a 30-day, 6000 mile trip across the USA. States visited were: Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kansas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Fur Shui made some new friends and visited many interesing and historical sites along the way.....among them being: Big Horn Battlefield, site of Custer's Last Stand; Mt. Rushmore, Devils Tower, Wyoming("take me to your leader"); Escalante Canyon Indian Petroglyph site near Delta, Co; Four Corners (intersection of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico); Monarch Pass (Continental Divide).
It was a great trip and Fur Shui is resting up for the next adventure!"

"Fur Shui" and Barb go to some pretty extreme heights during their trip cross country...scroll down to see some fun places they visited!

Coming back home, Barb and "Fur Shui" find a nice quiet place to rest!

Barb spots a couple of good friends taking some time to browse through the book during its travels. Ahhhhh, have to take some time out and relax. Note the black collar on the fur friend exactly in the correct Fur Shui spot in the career gua on the front porch. Fur folks are so very smart!

Barb enjoying the view at Devil's Tower. Wonder if any "visitors" from other worlds got a peek at "Fur Shui" during this stop over?!

Wow, "Fur Shui" gets presidential approval as Barb visits Mt. Rushmore. Healthy spot for all with all that stone, earth element grounding the health of all who come take a look at the monument...the book lends some California "color" to the is the color of Fame, and this sure is a famous place!

Hey, if Custer had known about "Fur Shui" he would have never made his last stand...his horses most likely knew the dangers, but he just did not listen. Barb and the book migrate further into the middle of the country!

Some "mining" is at hand for Barbara and the book...dig deep into the earth and use that "element" of the health gua!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Riding in the van in and around the great state of Michigan you will find Linda, taxiing around her two children with the help of her adopted lab/brittany spaniel companion Caramel (pronounced the Midwestern way: "Car-mull"). Lots of short trips makes for a fun day for Caramel who prefers to read Fur Shui while driving...having much "travel chi", Caramel just loves the adventures. Maybe a gray or silver collar (color of the Travel and Helpful people gua) would support and boost Caramel's energy and love to drive?! Although her pretty purple collar supports "abundance"...and that is great for LOTS of short trips with Linda!

(Please go down to original post of Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. to get beginning of the story and then go "up"!!! Apologies!)) Still in Bedford, NY, Lola and the book visit the "main house" and three special fur folks. Jack Russel puppies Cosmos and Rochester russel up some curiosity about the children / creativity gua pages in Fur Shui. Meanwhile Ripley the dog after finishing the book quotes "Believe it or not, Fur Shui is awesome...just like me!" Now...on to the Big Apple, NYC!!!!

Now in Bedford, NY, the tour continues with Lola's visit to her friends' home at "Sunny Meadows Farm". Time for the book to visit with some real farm folks that are waiting to take a look at what the book has to say about their "natural" energies. All proclaim to be "chi masters"...from a sheep Fur Shui family "Baaaaa Shui" approval, followed up by Ms. Goat claiming Fur Shui and she to be "King of the Hill" (must have mastered the Skills / Knowledge gua), and with Poe the horse expressing "It makes perfect horse sense to read Fur Shui!"

Lola and the book go on to Connecticut to introduce a cute chocolate lab puppy named Sunshine to the tasty wonders of Fur Shui. Mmmmmm, I think this little one has caught the important lesson that good health is coming from the center Health gua and its element is to find a nice spot to dig up some good old fashioned EARTH, Fur Shui lead the way...woof!

Continue the travels of Lola and the off to beautiful Bar Harbor the home of whales, any one in the mood for fresh lobster and having a Guiness with a few good friends at Bar Harbor's bar "The Thirsty Whale"? Speaking of's one that compares some "scale"...Fur Shui is little, but packed full of "knowing" just like the whales are! Looks like the Guiness gave the book a whole new "focus".