Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fur Shui locates some pretty "hot" red classic cars in Encinitas during the long hot summer and the classic car evenings staged down "South". Jim and Ernie enjoy some of the famous classics with the book. Lots of great "fire" energy during these shows and the book loves the fame vibe too! "Fire" energy comes from both the color red and the classic cars long standing fame for good times, good values, good craftsmanship. All qualities build your go "red" and go "pono" as they would say in "true", be honest, be your own unique noble and good self! (The cars sure are!)

It's really all about "balance" for Fur Shui. Another good "energy" / hiking spot inside the Irvine Ranch Conservancy is at Portola, entrance to Round Canyon and big shade from Oak trees and tall brush. Why not get out into nature and find some space to think, "be" in harmony and absorb its unconditional positive energies. The square sign is the shape of the Health gua...and packing a good book to read out into nature certainly will do you some good. Think of the energy of Health, balance and well being as you find some quiet space in the outdoors. Fur Shui "talks" with the nature devas and finds all the quiet healthy "de-stressing" spots!

Enjoy a day outside, talk with the plants, trees, and of course Fur Shui is a part of the landscape in Limestone Canyon on an Irvine Ranch Sketch and Connect program! Energy in nature know EXACTLY what to do and when to do we can take away this knowledge and flow with the natural energy in our homes and lives. The book "rests" on a fallen tree trunk...wood being the element of the community and family gua. Put some natural "wood" in this space in your home and feel the strength of your community and family "tree". Give energy to community (volunteer me...go hug a tree with sincere appreciation!) and be a part of a strong foundation of caring and support.