Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Greetings from Yakima, Washington! "Fur Shui" has been read by Lady and Salem. These fur folks certainly found their loving home and enjoy such great love chi from their person Peggy. Happy Valentine's day to all and these two certainly know how to bring in the "year of the Tiger" in Yakima!
Here is Peggy's "tale":
"Lady and Salem's story. A year and a half ago there lived this young black cat who lived in the alley. She hooked up with this other homeless cat and well a few months later she gave birth to six male kittens. She tried her hardest to keep them warm and fed though the weather was shifting and it was getting colder and more wet outside. Along came this human family who heard this young cries coming from the side of the garage. While inspecting the situtation there were five 4 week old kittens crying out from an old milk carton box. Soon they would find themselves have a warm bed and plenty of food to eat till they were old enough to be winged from their mum. They were most gracious though getting old to keep 7 cats was really hard to do though wanting to keep them all. Their human saviour had to find homes for them though being black cats around Halloween no one would take them for fear of some might wish harm to them. Later, five kittens would find nice
families to take them for who they were and one was kept. The mum cat tried other homes though they didn't work out. She grew on her new slave owner who decided to keep her. She is the most loving cat ever and loves petting all day though she knows she will always have a home. Lady is her name. Her boy, Salem is a smart cat. Tall and lean can touch the top of the counters though never goes up there. He likes to play fetch and do tricks. I love them and they follow me where ever I go. I wouldn't give them up for the world. Salem wants to read the book and in the other photo, Lady is sending her love along with the book."