Saturday, August 15, 2009

Riding in the van in and around the great state of Michigan you will find Linda, taxiing around her two children with the help of her adopted lab/brittany spaniel companion Caramel (pronounced the Midwestern way: "Car-mull"). Lots of short trips makes for a fun day for Caramel who prefers to read Fur Shui while driving...having much "travel chi", Caramel just loves the adventures. Maybe a gray or silver collar (color of the Travel and Helpful people gua) would support and boost Caramel's energy and love to drive?! Although her pretty purple collar supports "abundance"...and that is great for LOTS of short trips with Linda!

(Please go down to original post of Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. to get beginning of the story and then go "up"!!! Apologies!)) Still in Bedford, NY, Lola and the book visit the "main house" and three special fur folks. Jack Russel puppies Cosmos and Rochester russel up some curiosity about the children / creativity gua pages in Fur Shui. Meanwhile Ripley the dog after finishing the book quotes "Believe it or not, Fur Shui is awesome...just like me!" Now...on to the Big Apple, NYC!!!!

Now in Bedford, NY, the tour continues with Lola's visit to her friends' home at "Sunny Meadows Farm". Time for the book to visit with some real farm folks that are waiting to take a look at what the book has to say about their "natural" energies. All proclaim to be "chi masters"...from a sheep Fur Shui family "Baaaaa Shui" approval, followed up by Ms. Goat claiming Fur Shui and she to be "King of the Hill" (must have mastered the Skills / Knowledge gua), and with Poe the horse expressing "It makes perfect horse sense to read Fur Shui!"

Lola and the book go on to Connecticut to introduce a cute chocolate lab puppy named Sunshine to the tasty wonders of Fur Shui. Mmmmmm, I think this little one has caught the important lesson that good health is coming from the center Health gua and its element is to find a nice spot to dig up some good old fashioned EARTH, Fur Shui lead the way...woof!

Continue the travels of Lola and the off to beautiful Bar Harbor the home of whales, any one in the mood for fresh lobster and having a Guiness with a few good friends at Bar Harbor's bar "The Thirsty Whale"? Speaking of's one that compares some "scale"...Fur Shui is little, but packed full of "knowing" just like the whales are! Looks like the Guiness gave the book a whole new "focus".
What a month for one book on the Tour de Fur! The Tour continues with Lola from Encinitas, CA as she toured the East Coast from July 10 to August 2. Starting out in Florida in Ft. Lauderdale ("party on" Fur Shui!) then up to Bar Harbor, Maine, zipping down to Connecticut, moving on to Bedford, New York...and now touring the Big Apple, NYC! What a time!!! Here's Lola's travel log and photos of the fun she had with Fur Shui and passing along good animal and fur chi vibes along the way. This particular book has been using lots of chi from the travel / helpful people gua for sure, ENJOY Lola's travels with the book!

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida...Fur Shui checks in the hotel and checks out the view...then decides to rest, a long day and flight for both Lola and the book!

Fur Shui has just returned from Brazil and "nieghbor" countries. Its journey to South America was with Kathy from Encinitas, CA. It was a "wild" experience for the tour enticing a Coatimudis to take in a few pages...most likely in the Fame section due to the furry guy's boldness and curiosity! Here's what Kathy reports from her escorting Fur Shui during her walking adventure to South America:

Dateline: Iguacu Falls, Argentina - June 25, 2009

"We arrive at the Argentinean side of Iguacu after going through passport control at the Brazilian border. Our guide had told us about all the 'curious coatis' which would greet us there and he was correct! Several families of large and small coatimundis came to see us - they were looking for treats (just like little dogs). I set the book first on a step and then near a fence where one very brave fellow took a look through 'Fur Shui' - he liked the pages I think. (They must have given off good vibes). We had a fun time watching him."

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hello from dwarf bunny Emmett from Carlsbad, CA! Turns out Vickie's bunny has been doing "Fur Shui" most animals do! Here's what Vickie has to say about Emmett: "Without even realizing it, my little Emmett is surrounded by good fur chi! He has enriched our lives tremendously, and due to his positive chi, has outlived most dwarf bunnies. The average life span for a dwarf rabbit is eight years; Emmett will be 13 next month! He gets only the best, and shares much love in return! Your Tour de Fur is such a novel idea!"
Thanks Vickie!