Monday, March 2, 2015

Fur Shui in Finland! In total admiration of the sea that frames most of Finland, I found lovely places and people greeting me to the country. Love the life of honoring both sea and land...the love and respect of nature the Finnish people maintain. My being very close to the element of "water", this was a special time for me to flow with bringing new knowledge to the attendees of the "Fur Shui" workshop I gave in Loviisa, Finland. Villa Karma of Finland was a wonderful host who filled my space and life with the warm pink of her friendship and aloha!

Loviisa, Finland! Here I am teaching "Fur Shui" to a class sponsored by Villa Karma, Finland. Finding all the wonderful life spaces in home and environment was fun and more than helpful in guiding new energy into each person's home. Fur Shui easily shows how to unlock beneficial energy already in our homes that support our success, health, work, creativity, wealth, well-being. Our class members found new and refreshing ways to change their lives and environments. Deep thanks to Piia and Villa Karma for the opportunity to bring Fur Shui to Finland!
Remember Kerrtu the cat? The wonderful black cat who was reading Fur Shui whose house is in Finland? Here is Kerrtu's Loviisa, Finland with Fur Shui! Piia who runs Villa Karma invited me to Finland to teach Feng Shui, Animal communications, and speak on Huna in Helsinki this past fall. We had a wonderful "Fur Shui" workshop in Loviisa all hosted beautifully by Villa Karma! Thanks Piia for helping spread the word and learning of Feng Shui and communicating with nature...was magical!

A special event of "Blessings of the Animals" at Agape in Los Angeles brought introductions to lots of new fur folk friends for Fur Shui! All that attended this charity event left with "aloha" and love blessings. What a fun event! This new friend was wearing a green collar that supported the day to make new friends and enjoy community. Green is the color to use when introducing new family, community. This strong community of love and peace certainly boosted the energy of my day as well as many others. Thanks Agape for your "aloha" to all!

It is true, Fur Shui loves to hang around in nature. So do I! A recent visit to the Irvine Ranch Conservancy found us going on a "Trip to Nowhere" in Limestone Canyon...being a trail guide for others to discover more remote and beautiful scenes. Lots of folks who do photography as a career come on these journeys. The color of career seems to be reflected in their gear being all done up in black. Perfect for boosting their results and life path in a creative manner. Use some black color and jazz up your entrance way with some "motion" or items that move or flow and get those career vibes activated. At home with moving throughout the countryside with cameras and equipment with the color black...these photographers are natural feng shui masters for their own career benefit!

Fur Shui found itself at home at the Descanso Gardens, La Canada Flintridge, CA. So many beautiful paths to meander down and enjoy nature. From mature tree groves to flowering bowers and soothing ponds to rest beside. Mother nature, earth, at its best! Earth is the element of the Health gua in Black Hat Feng Shui. Put some items created from earth as well as earth tones in the center of your spaces...that is the location of the health gua. This will help you realize, feel, and create healthy balance and well being. It is there right in the center of your home!

"WHO" is visiting Fur Shui? This is a very wise owl! Fur Shui visited a nature class; "Painting Birds at the IRC" for kids of all ages. From barn owls to beautiful Acorn Woodpeckers...folks had an opportunity to "do art" from the Irvine Ranch Conservancy bird mounts. The owl's white face and breast reflect the Creative Life Style gua or life space that holds the energy for creativity and children. Go to this section of your home to amp up that delightful quality of childlike imagination, creativity and fun for all ages. Let your creativity come forth bay a little addition of the color white and the element of metal to forge those new imaginative discoveries. Let your imagination soar with a little Feng Shui!

Ojai, CA is a favorite spot for Fur Shui (and me). This is a small town filled with nature nestled up against the mountain foothills just inland from Ventura, CA. With the town's green valley comes a welcome place to rest, feel at home with family, and do some day trip "healing". Green is the color of family and community...and is represented by "wood" as its element. Put an item made of wood (rectangle shapes are good!) in this "family" life-space, or gua, in your home. This area is great to introduce new fur folk family members to existing family folks. Family photos, greenery (wood), and of course the color green can get the energy flowing for your community, family...fur or non fur...right now!!!

Fur Shui loves Maui! The red poinsettia's at the Kula Lodge is the perfect reflection of both book and location "fame". Kula Lodge is a favorite spot to re-charge, meet, view the beautiful valleys below the mountainside in its outside cliff-side dining. Famous for its "fire" oven pizza and special meals...all along the banks of Maui's volcano hillside. Get some fire going for your own brand of fame...add some red!

Last year was a whirlwind of "Fur Shui" activity...and am now catching up on the travels, people, spaces, places! Kerrtu is a wise cat from Finland found my book quite interesting. She loved the career section...the color of black. She is helping her person launch her lovely "Villa Karma" in Finland. Piia, her person teaches feng shui, and invited Fur Shui to Finland to give a workshop in Loviisa and talk in Helsinki! More later!

Had a marvelous and fast paced you see, "three" friends helped launch the year of the Horse for me. As the Chinese Year of the Horse gallops to the horizon...we welcome the New Year of the Sheep. Make some simple changes to create success and well-being for this new year! The simple sweeping out the old (literally and "thinking") and invite new thoughts and items into your spaces now. Place some "red" or fire into the center area of your home or office. Hey, maybe put a new copy of "Fur Shui" in that center to both read fire up your health and warm, make comfort your priority this new year!