Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Still hiking SoCal...this time closer to home at Palos Verde just South of LA and North of the LA harbor at Long Beach. Beautiful views, migrating whales pass by this stretch of the coast and the light house shines to all at the rocky outcrop warning all about "land ho"! Water everywhere. This is the element of the career life space and it flows from rivers and creeks all the way down to the Pacific Ocean. Our body make up is almost all water...so, be sure to hydrate often while hiking, get into the flow of who you are and enjoy all the natural beauty that is around you! Fur Shui loves helping out both fur and non fur folks with their life path flow and "jobs". Just place a sturdy water dish for your pooch or kitty by the front door so they can also re-hydrate and bring that career chi into your home for you to use and enjoy!

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