Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A new member of Lauren's fur family is a sweet fluff ball named Snowball. This little one is very smart and very clever when finding play things around the house. Most fun for Snowball is to pounce on the other cats as they come through the cat door. Not so fun for the more "Sr." kitties. A good thing to do is to add a green bowl or food dish to the feeding area when a new one comes into a home. Green is the color of family and is a great color to use as all get used to new family members! This little one made one of the original fur family members "green" with envy. Watch that you give your more established fur folks lots of extra attention as new ones come in. All is well now...of course since Snowball has read Fur Shui cover to cover! Cuddling next to Snowball is CG, Snow's new bff!

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