Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A big Fur Shui "hello" from Portland, Oregon! Angie, the person for Kali and Gizmo sends their regards from the Pacific Northwest. Folks are getting right into the New Year with the color red it seems. The nice gold covered couch is perfect for more health and balance for both fur and non fur folks. Gold / yellow is the color of health and balance! Here's what Angie has to say about her adventures and pets: "Kali (left), Gizmo (right), and I have been together for 14yrs. Both of them are very well traveled, including a year of seeing the USA via semi-truck. We share an apartment with our cockatiel, Moll E. and he makes all the rules. His chewing on their tails is enough to keep them under cover when he is socializing with us. Kali and Gizmo are a little camera shy but I was able to convince them to take a quick photo in one of our favorite places to relax." Thanks Angie for getting a great photo in for the Tour!

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