Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fur Shui really put some miles on with Glenda from New Hampshire! The book went with a little side kick "witch" called Esmerelda all the way from NH to Bowling Green Kentucky to take part in the National Corvette "All things Corvette" convention. Fur Shui's "mom" drove her silver grey Corvette named "The Grey Ghost" down this year late April, Early May. Grey is indeed the color of Helpful People and Travel and Glenda sure did this in style with Fur Shui and Esmerelda. Grey and travel are great vibes. Glenda is the New England Chapter head for the Corvette club in her part of the country. Congrats on the trip which included stops for new colt and fillie ooooing and ahhing in horse country as well as a few enjoyable trips to Lincoln's log cabin, Red Rose distillery and the such. Thanks Glenda for taking little Fur Shui for a neat road trip! Vrrroooom, vrooooom, Fur Shui!

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