Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July 4th! It's time for Red, White and Blue. Feng Shui and Fur Shui says that red is for Fame, blue is for Skills and Knowledge or Wisdom and white is for Children and Creativity. So, that is what our "colors" say to me. Freedom to learn, express and be the greatest and best that we can be. Let's hold on to this and move forward in a positive light!

July 3rd brought me some great photos of Roy and his two marvelous fur and feathered folks! Marilyn the Cockatoo and Penny the's what Roy has to say about his buddies: "Marilyn is a 7 yo Moluccan Cockatoo, with whom I have joyful scream fests, and Penny is a 10 yo overweight Buddha short-hair kitty, who sometimes sleeps with her head in her food bowl." Thanks for being in my life Roy, Marilyn and buddha kitty Penny!

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