Sunday, June 14, 2009

Greetings from the Tour de Fur! Karen from Chicago just sent in this cool photo of Fur Shui in front of Ray Kroc's original Mc Donalds...seems like the little red book has an appetite for history and burgers. Here is Karen's note about the site: "Well, the city I am from, Des Plaines, IL, is not famous for very much. However, we do have one fairly historical site - McDonald's - of all things! This is the site of Ray Kroc's (the founder of McDonald's Corporation) first McDonald's drive in restaurant franchise established in April, 1955. It's located in downtown Des Plaines. Hamburgers were only 15 cents! He only had one "golden arch" back then. Not shown in the picture - the original drive-in building is in the lot with fake food and mannequins at the window to "take your order"." Thanks Karen!

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