Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Welcome to the Tour de Fur

Hello! Welcome to the Tour de Fur. Thanks for joining into the first birthday party for Fur Shui! Send in your thoughts and cool Fur Shui tips you want to share. Let me know where in the world Fur Shui is now and how your fur folks are liking the chi you are now starting to move around for you and your furry friends.

Let the good fur chi flow!



Jen said...

I am so proud of all your Fur Shui success! You deserve all that is coming your way! Love Ya! Give the kids a kiss and pet for me!

Paula said...

Thanks Jen, Fur Shui is on its way to Fiji and New Zealand now! Fur kids say a big hello to you as well.

Paula said...

Since "Fur Shui" is's a travel tip for your fur folks and you a la feng shui.
Grey is the color of the Travel and helpful people gua, so be sure to deck out your pet's travel bag, flight container or just them with the color grey...grey or silver collar, leash or comfy grey blanket to snuggle in. Give them a boost with helpful energy with the color grey!

Paula Margulies said...

Hi, Paula! Our mama bunny, Dulcie, has perused our copy of Fur Shui and gives it two paws up! Looking forward to seeing some of the photos from the book's tour!

Paula said...

Hi Paula, will get some shots up soon on my site, your bunny Dolce is a smart fur folk...maybe she is amping up the fun in the partnership and children "zones"!